depositIn order to start trading with us and fully enjoy the exciting world of financial trading you will be required to make an initial deposit. Dedicated to giving you maximum security of your funds we provide you with safe and transparent payment methods fully secured by latest online SSL technology (Secured Socket Layer)

We adhere to the same principles when it comes to withdrawing your funds from your trading accounts. Whatever method you choose for withdrawing or depositing your funds you can rest assured that all methods offered by Bull and Bear are fully secured and protected.

Our payment methods

As was mentioned earlier, we offer you a wide selection of payment methods to your convenience.

Credit/Debit Card Payments

paymentAll major credit/debit cards are accepted. These include VISA, MASTERCARD. The deposits made using this method will be instant meaning that you will be able to start trading immediately after deposit.

Bank Wire Transfer

You can choose to make a deposit through a bank wire transfer using one of our worldwide bank accounts. In terms of how long it takes your deposit to be processed, using this specific payment method, the average period would be up to 3 business days.