Bonuses & Promotions

Bonuses & Promotions

Welcome Bonus

Each of our traders is greeted with a unique Pending Welcome Bonus. By registering and opening an account you straightaway become eligible to receive your bonus, which will earn you between 25% – 100% profit of your initial investment. The bonus is pending and will be transferred to your account once the volume requirement has been reached.

Direct Cash Bonus

In some cases, based on the promotional campaigns led by our team Bullabear may provide you direct cash bonus to your account, which you will be eligible for immediately upon the arrival of funds on your account.

Cash Back Bonus

In case of activation of “Business Level 1” or higher account level, you will be eligible for cash back bonus calculated from the total amount of lost trades sustained over the course of the given period. Please check Account type section of the website to see which type of cash back bonus the holder of the account is eligible for.

Bonus Terms And Conditions

Promotions and benefits that are provided by Bullabear to any trading account are held under Bullabear terms and conditions. Should Bullabear, under any circumstance suspect any wrongdoing or deception, Bullabear reserves the right to cancel bonuses, promotions and/or benefits that have been provided or are supposed to be provided to the specified trading account. The required trading volume to be reached in order to obtain your bonus is dependent on the type of the bonus, and the trading volume is a calculation of your trades, regardless of the outcome. In a sense, it is a monitor of your trading activity.. Many traders reach their volume within the first couple weeks of trading. In the event that the terms of use where not obeyed in accordance to Bullabear’s bonus terms and conditions, Bullabear may cancel any benefit or bonus that have been offered without having to notify its cancelation in advance. Bullabear also has the right to alter or cancel its bonuses and promotion without any preceding notice.  

Pending Bonus Terms

The pending bonus is kept separate from your initial funds. The volume requirement for reaching the pending bonus is 50x bonus amount. Once the volume is reached, the funds will be released to your trading account. However, in case of withdrawal your bonus will cancelled and all volume made with the bonus will no longer be relevant for reaching the bonus in case of redeposit  

Direct Bonus Terms

Direct Cash bonus is transferred to your account immediately after the funds have arrived. However, you will be eligible to reach a specified volume requirement that might be 30 your bonus in order to undergo the withdrawal of funds. In case of submitting a withdrawal before the target volume is reached, Bullabear reserves the right to hold the all balance till volume requirement is reached.